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This is an online calculator to calculate various kinds of percentages, such as what is the percent of a value, what is the value of a percent and what is the percentage change of a value, we also adding calculation result feature that you can copy and paste the calculation of the percent.

Common uses of this percent calculator are like calculating discounts or you can also calculate using percent off calculator, interest rates, markups, and proportions.
Hopefully this percent calculator can be useful and help you complete percentage calculations.

Wide variety of other percentage calculations with percentages provide an easy way to express relative values, proportions, and changes, making them a fundamental tool in a variety of fields.

What is Percent?

percent grid 25 percentThe percent symbol is “%”

percent means hundred. percent is another name for a fraction with a denominator of 100. When a value is expressed as a percentage, it represents how much of the whole or total amount it represents out of 100.

For example: 25 percent, written 25% = 25/100, it means 25 out of 100, or One of four equal parts (1/4, ¼, 0.25).

Percentages are Reversible

What is 10% of 25?
10% trick = Move the decimal point 1 place to the left.
10% = 2.5
So, 10% of 25 is 2.5

10% of 25
Same as..
25% of 10

What is 25% of 10?
25% trick = divide it by 4.
25% = 104 = 2.5
So, 25% of 10 is 2.5

Percentage Tricks

1% Trick

To find 1% of a number, Move the decimal point 2 places to the left.

5% Trick

Find 10% of a number, divide it by 2.

10% Trick

To find 10% of a number, Move the decimal point 1 place to the left.


50% Trick

To find 50% of a number, divide it by 2.


25% Trick

To find 25% of a number, divide it by 4.


75% Trick

Find 25% and then multiply that by 3.

The formula for calculating a percentage is:

Percentage = (Part / Whole) × 100

30 percent red balls out of a total of 100 ballsIn this formula, the “Part” refers to the portion or fraction of the whole that you want to express as a percentage, and the “Whole” refers to the total or complete value.

For instance, if you have 30 red balls out of a total of 100 balls, you can calculate the percentage of red balls as:

Percentage of red balls = (30 / 100) × 100 = 30%

This means that 30% of the total balls are red.


1. What is 20% of 150?
= 20/100 x 150
= 0.2 x 150
= 30
20% of 150 is 30.
2. 15 is what % of 20?
= (15/20)×100%
= 0.75 x 100
= 75
15 is 75% of 20.
3. What is 40% of 80?
= 40%×80
= 40/100 x 80
= 32
40% of 80 is 32.
4. What is 15% of 80?
= 15/100 x 80
= 0.15 x 80
= 12
15% of 80 is 12.
5. What is 5% of 240?
= 5/100 x 240
= 0.05 x 240
= 12
5% of 240 is 12.
6. What is 25% of 150?
= 25/100 x 150
= 0.25 x 150
= 37.5
25% of 150 is 37.5.

Most Common uses of percentages

Percentage calculation is widely used in various fields and situations, including:

Mathematics and Statistics
Percentages are frequently used in mathematical calculations, such as percent off or calculating discounts, interest rates, markups, and proportions.

They are also used in statistical analysis to represent relative frequencies, growth rates, or changes over time.

Finance and Economics
Percentages are commonly used in financial calculations, such as calculating returns on investments, profit margins, inflation rates, and tax rates.

They are essential for analyzing financial data, making financial decisions, and understanding economic indicators.

Business and Marketing
Percentages play a crucial role in business and marketing. They are used to calculate market share, sales growth rates, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction scores.

Percentages are also utilized in pricing strategies, sales promotions, and performance evaluations.

Science and Research
Percentages are utilized in scientific research to express proportions, ratios, and changes in data.

They are employed in fields like biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences to represent concentrations, success rates, population growth rates, and experimental outcomes.

Education and Grading
Percentages are commonly used in educational contexts to assess students’ performance and determine grades.

They are used to calculate test scores, final grades, and grade point averages (GPAs). Percentages are also used in tracking attendance, completion rates, and progress.

Health and Medicine
Percentages are employed in medical research and healthcare settings to express rates of disease prevalence, treatment effectiveness, mortality rates, and risk factors.

They are crucial for interpreting medical statistics, conducting clinical trials, and monitoring public health indicators.

Sports and Athletics
Percentages are frequently used in sports to analyze performance metrics, such as shooting percentages in basketball, batting averages in baseball, or win percentages in team sports.

They help in comparing athletes’ achievements and evaluating their effectiveness.

Polls and Surveys
Percentages are commonly used in opinion polls and surveys to express the distribution of responses or the level of agreement/disagreement on specific questions.

They are vital for understanding public opinion, conducting market research, and making informed decisions.

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