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Info If the value is minus (example: -25%), it means the percentage is decreasing.

This calculator is designed to calculate the percentage value between two values, from the percentage value obtained, it will be known whether the percentage value increases or decreases. Percent change is frequently used in various fields, including finance, economics, statistics, and data analysis. It allows for the comparison and measurement of changes in variables such as prices, quantities, population, revenue, and more.

What is Percentage Change?

Percent change refers to the relative difference or percentage difference between two values. It is commonly used to measure and express the rate of change or the extent of a change in a particular quantity over time.

Percent Change = ((New Value – Old Value) / Old Value) * 100
In this formula:

  • Old Value represents the initial or starting value.
  • New Value represents the final or updated value.

The result of the percent change calculation indicates the percentage by which the value has increased or decreased relative to the original value. A positive percent change indicates an increase, while a negative percent change represents a decrease.


Let’s say the original value of a stock was $50, and it increased to $65. To calculate the percent change 50 to 65:

= (($65 – $50) / $50) * 100
= ($15 / $50) * 100
= 0.3 * 100
= 30%

Therefore, in this example, the percent change is Increase 30%.

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