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This calculator is designed to calculate the price after deducting a discount percentage. It allows you to quickly obtain the final price and savings by subtracting the discount from the original price.

Additionally, it includes a fixed amount discount option to help you determine the percentage discount by comparing the original price with the discounted price. Furthermore, this percent off calculator is equipped with an optional sales tax feature, where you can enter the percentage value of the sales tax.

What is Percent Off?

Percent Off, also known as a discount, refers to a reduction on the original price of a product or service. It is expressed as a percentage and represents the amount saved.

For instance, if an item originally costs $100 and has a 20% discount, it means the item is available for Final price $80, and you saved $20 in your pocket! (100 – (20% of 100) = 100 – 20 = 80).

Percent off is useful for comparing prices or discounts. For example, when there are two items on sale, one with a 10% discount and the other with a 25% discount, the latter offers a higher percentage discount, resulting in greater savings.

Discounted Price = Original Price – (Original Price * (Percent Off / 100))
In this formula:

  • Original Price refers to the initial price of the product or service.
  • Percent Off is the percentage value of the discount.

To calculate the discounted price, you multiply the original price by the percent off (converted to a decimal) and subtract the result from the original price.


Here is an example of a case product for iphone 14 that we saw on, the original price of the FireNova for iPhone 14 Case is (original price) $25, it can be discounted by 54%, what is the final price you have to pay after the discount? and save how much?

Calculating iPhone Case 54 percent off of 25 usd at amazonLet’s break down the question above to make it easier:
Original Price: $25
Discount: 54% or equal to 54/100=0.54
Final Price?
Saved amount?

= ($25 x (0.54))
= $13.5
You saved $13.5

= $25 – $13.5
= $11.5
Final Price $11.5

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